Save Palm Trees from Weevil Devils
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April 29th, 2008 Posted in Tail Piece

Before I conclude, the management of red palm weevil is possible only with the cooperation of growers, farmers, governemental departments, dedicated researchers, policy makers and research organizations.  Today the world we live in is like a global village.  If somewhere some new pest or emerging pest appears for the first time, it is imperative for us to pass on the information as quickly as possible to every one who grows that plant.  This helps the world community to be better prepared and equipped with adequate resouces to solve the problem.  This effort, I hope will go a long way in meeting the ever increasing needs of the agricultural community to produce quality foods with out sacrifing the yeilds.  Stakeholder in the managemnt of Red Palm Weevil are encouraged to express their views and bring breakthrough news for the benefit of the entire research, extension, and farming fraternity. 

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