Save Palm Trees from Weevil Devils
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The Red Palm Weevil, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Oliv (Curculionidae:Coleoptera) has assumed the status of a ubiquitous, major pest of economically important palms like coconut, date, oil palm in recent years. Originally hailing from India or South Asia this menace has spread to countries in Middle East, north Africa, Southern Europe causing great economic losses. In the past 15 years or so, research in various countries was focussed on the development of newer methods of control, especialy the eco-friendly methods like pheromone baited trapping systems, exploring and exploiting the potential biological control agents, etc. Several countries adopted new technologies and further refined available methods to suit the local conditions. A few international conferences were organized to dessipate the knowledge gathered around the world and discussed in detail to identify the new thrust areas. Sometimes, the control programs on Red Palm Weevil lacked the necessary impetus due to manpower and material constrains. Nevertheless, the national programs of many countries have given wonderful results and many other nations shared these successful experiences and got benefited.

In spite of excellent communication networks available everywhere, the knowledge and learnings on the management of Red Palm Weevil has not really percolated down to the end user and developmental agencies working with the farmers. Therefore, this Red Palm Weevil blog is created to cater to the needs of researchers, technicians, farmers, extension workers, policy makers, or any one interested in saving the beautiful palms from the rampaging weevil pest. Basically it aims to bring the concerned people to a common platform to exchange knowledge, information, news, views about the matters related Red Palm Weevil. We hope this will help the growers to save their palms from the weevil devils. I welcome the comments on the website so that we can make this much more interesting and useful.

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